Disability After Dark

Cripology Episode 1: Fairies, Changelings, and the link to our disabled past

August 30, 2021

On this brand new series on the Disability After Dark feed, Cripology, I shine a bright light on our disabled past by looking at disabled history, something that I am fascinated by. On this episode, we look at the connection between the fairy and changeling folklore and disability.  In this first episode, I explore the fact that certain disabilities were often understood as changelings or fairies.  We talk about how parents often used folklore mythology to kill their disabled children, and I explore how the changeling myth has impacted disability as we understand it today.

If you want to look at the research I used 

Research paper by Susan Ebberly, 1988. 

Tell me which other historical things you want me to look at in this series.  Write to disabilityafterdarkpod@gmail.com and use the subject line Cripology!


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