Disability After Dark

BONUS! “We’re best friends!” - Talking to teenagers about their disabled siblings - w/ Lilly & Aaron

August 3, 2021


On this very special bonus episode of the show, I sit down with two 14-year olds, Lilly & Aaron who have siblings with disabilities.  They share with me how their relationships with their siblings are awesome and different, but also totally the same as any other brother and sisters.  They school me all about ableism and how they see that affecting their siblings.   They talk about how they wish sometimes that their siblings weren’t disabled, but how even though they are, Lilly & Aaron know their siblings are human.  There is so much hope for the next generation to learn about disability in this episode.  Enjoy!

You can support Lilly’s Etsy fund where she sells paintings and 20% of profits go to find a cure for her brother’s condition, Friedreich's Ataxia.    


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