April 11, 2018
In this minisode, I get an e-mail from Edward who asks, "Is it okay to draw images of disabled people enjoying queer sexuality, when I am not disabled?  Is it appropriation or not?"  I let him know my thoughts in this minisode!
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Episode 080 - Hard to Swallow - An Interview w/ Kayla Whaley

April 6, 2018
In this episode, I have a super-sized conversation with essayist Kayla Whaley. She wrote an essay on body image, disability and her own experiences losing the ability to swallow food, and how that affected her weight and her view of herself. Here it is: We also talk about writing about the disabled body and so much more.
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April 4, 2018

In this minisode, I asked you to write in about "everyday ableism", and I got an e-mail from Daniel who tells about a time that he went in for a job interview and was treatly poorly by the interviewer because of his disability.  If you want to write in for a minisode, send it to disabilityafterdark@gmail.com  


Episode 079 - Introducing Power Puppy - My Fascination with Pup Play and Disability

March 30, 2018

In this episode, I let you in on a kinky little secret:  I am into Puppy Play.  I share some thoughts on how Puppy Play and Disability connect with one another.  I share why I think Puppy Play needs to do more to include the disabled community, and why I think Puppy Play can help the disabled community.  




March 28, 2018

For minisode #7, I asked you to send in your hilarious sex stories that incorporate disability.  Wow, I got some good ones; unwanted visitors, things you never thought you'd hear during sex, some unexpected acrobatics and seizure sex.

If you wanna write in for a minisode, write: disabilityafterdark@gmail.com 


Episode 078 - That Time we Talked about Menstruation and Disability; An Interview with Jane Hartman Adame

March 23, 2018
In this episode, I talk with creator of the Keela Cup, Jane Hartman Adame, about the difficulties finding products that are accessible when you are disabled and menstruating.  She shares why she created the Keela Cup, her experiences with EDS, and of course, we go off on several tangents about disability.  Enjoy this one, it's important!
Here are the links to Keela Cup and Jane's work:
If you're in the US, you can get $10 off your pre-order of the Keela Cup if you head to the website and use the code CUPAFTERDARK. 


March 21, 2018
In this minisode, I get an e-mail all the way from Finland from Maria, who wants to learn my views on what you need to know to become a sexual assistant.  I share some of my uneducated thoughts on the issue here. 
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Episode 077 - DisabilityAfterDark Reviews Me Before You (Me Before Ew)

March 16, 2018

In this episode, I decided that I wanted to review the big blockbuster romance "Me Before You", and also shed light on why this trash-fire of a movie was so ableist and depicted sex and disability so poorly.  

Along with my review, I have included Youtube clips of disabled people discussing the book the movie was adapted from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9bkWJtm-mU

and amazing look at the movie as a horror film, by author Carrie Wade.


Enjoy this brand new episode of DisabilityAfterDark!



March 14, 2018


In this minisode, we get a facebook thread from Olivia about how ableism affects all types of relationships.  She offers a few key examples including ableism from family members, shitty accessibility options, and exes who employ ableism to make themselves feel better.   

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Episode 076 - Get Your Gimpy Groove On - Sex, Dancing and Disability

March 9, 2018

In this episode, I talk about my experiences going to an event and dancing, and what dancing has meant to me as a disabled person.  I share how the way we talk about dancing and sexuality is ableist and how when we talk about dancing and disability, we usually don't talk about sensuality, but rather, rehabilitation.  Ugh.  Take a listen on why I think dancing as a spastic, gimp can be sexy and sensual as fuck.