Episode 069 - Why Planning For Sex is SO MUCH BETTER than Spontaneity as a Disabled Person

January 19, 2018

In this episode, I highlight why planning and scheduling sex as a disabled person is so much sexier than spontaneity.  I talk about the ways planning for sex has been pathologized by the media, but why I think it's hot as fuck, and why as a Queer Cripple I get off on it so hard.  Enjoy


BONUS Episode 068.1 - “Fuck Me Till My Heart Stops” - A Very Special Episode with Dick Wound

January 12, 2018

This is a very special episode that I recorded over the holidays with my friend and fellow podcaster Dick Wound, co-host of Off The Cuffs Podcast.  We recorded episodes on each other's shows, and we wanted to cross promote each other.... so rather than wait, I decided to release this one as a bonus episode.   We talk about kink, heart attacks, disability, sex, dark fantasies, shitty hearts, and so much more.  Enjoy!  Listen to Off The Cuffs each and every Tuesday wherever you get your pods. https://linktr.ee/ocpkink 


Episode 068 - Do You Even Crip, Bro? The Gym, Sex and Disability

January 12, 2018

In this first episode of 2018, we look at how gym culture and the pursuit of the gym cut body we all want so we can have "better sex" aligns with (or totes doesn't) with disability culture.  I share some of my experiences at the gym as a queer cripple, we can giggle at how inaccessible some of the workouts for better sex actually are, and I suggest that fucking a cripple might even be a better work out.   Enjoy!


Episode 067 - Clingosaurus Cripples

December 15, 2017

This episode is another throwback episode where I detail how my relationship with my biological father greatly impacted my intimate relationships as a disabled man later in life.  I discuss how my father turned me into a "clingosaurus cripple".  I also talk with Danny Kodmur about what being clingy as a disabled person means for him. 


Episode 066 - Sick, Sexy and Disabled

December 8, 2017
In this episode, I talk about what being sick, sexy and disabled means for me.  I share my experience trying to navigate being sick, disabled and sexy with C-Diff and when I was recently hospitalized.  I share how sickness and disability contributed to my sex drive.   I also talk to some other disabled people to find out how being sick and disabled plays a role in their lives. 

Episode 065 - Coming Out as a Queer Cripple to My Mom! An interview w/ my Mom, Sher St. Kitts

December 1, 2017

In this episode, I wanted to share part of my coming out story with you! I thought that rather than simply giving you my views on the experience, that I'd interview my Mom, and learn from her what my coming out as queer and disabled meant for her.  We talk about her experiences having a disabled son, her understanding of disability, my coming out and so much more. 


Episode 064 - Cripples-a-Kissing

November 24, 2017

In this episode, I explore the links between kissing and disability. We look at how people view kissing and disability; some of the challenges of kissing when disabled; I read comments left by my Facebook group about kissing and disability, and I talk to my friends Claire AH about kissing after a stroke; I also talk to Natalie Rose about what it's like kissing her disabled husband. 


Episode 063 - Is my HIV Status a Disability? An Interview w/ the Sexy AF Addison Reed

November 18, 2017

In this episode, I interviewed one of the sexiest people I have ever had the pleasure of talking to on the show.  My friend Addison (a go-go dancing smoke show of hotness from Vancouver) sat down with me to talk about the connections between HIV-positive status and disability, and I was pleasantly surprised that he really considered the question, and asked his community what they thought.  Our conversation is light and fun, but also touches on the fact that the disabled and poz communities have one big thing in common: we both face stigma and we need to work together to change that. 


Episode 062 - 1 Girl 5 Gays & 1 Gimp - My Time on TV as a Queer Cripple

November 12, 2017

In this episode, I talk about my experience on a Canadian TV show called 1Girl5Gays on MTV Canada and Logo from 2013-14 in the shows 5th season.  I was the only visibly disabled person on that program, and I talk about what that meant for me and disabled representation on Queer TV.


Here's a link to hilarious photos of me on the show and my show bio 


Episode 061 - My Depression is Separate From Me - An Interview with JoEllen Notte

November 5, 2017

In this episode, I talk with JoEllen Notte; well known researcher, mental health advocate and writer about the linkages between sex, depression and disability.  We talk about how she manages her depression, whether or not she believes depression is a disability, and so much more.

You can find out more about JoEllen's work at: www.redheadbedhead.com