Episode 091 - Lights, Camera, Cripple

June 22, 2018


In this episode, I talk about some of the times that I have been in photo shoots.   I share 3 stories about what taking sexy photos as a disabled person is like.  I talk about how disabled photography may be viewed by non-disabled people, sex and disability in photos, and more. Enjoy!


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June 20, 2018
In Minisode 18, I get an e-mail from Spencer who tells us all about his sexy adventures at a Green Day concert in the UK.  I get a gentle reminder to watch how I word things, and I'm asked, "what's the difference between hyper-sexualization and asexualization of disabled people."
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Episode 090 - “Leaning into Discomfort” - A Chat with Rae

June 15, 2018


In episode 090, I talk with my friend (and new research assistant for the show), Rae.  We talk about their upbringing in Ireland as both queer and disabled, working on their gender identity journey as a disabled person, religion, disability, and sex, flirting with low vision and so much more.  This was a great interview and I hope you enjoy it!

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June 13, 2018
In Minisode 17, I hear from a listener whose partner had a stroke, and the impact that has had on him.   I also get a letter from Alice who asks, "How do I work in a residential care setting and talk about sex?"
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Episode 089 - Silly Things I’ve Done to Make Boys Like Me

June 8, 2018
In this episode, I share with you some stories of things I have done to make boys like me, or stuff I did in the pursuit of peen - or both, and some of these things compromised my disability, health and safety. From flying by myself on airplane with a damaged wheelchair to meet a guy who paid no attention to me, to waiting 3 hours on a fall evening for a hook up who didn't show and also catching pneumonia, and lastly trying to get home from a hook up gone wrong, only to unintentionally flash people my disabled dick!
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June 6, 2018

In Minisode #16, I talk with my friend Claire AH about disability, sexuality and how academia perceives that intersection.  She tells us about her experience putting her sexuality and disability into an academic paper, and how academia looks at sex and disability.

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Episode 088 - Ableist Busting Sex Tech

June 1, 2018


In this episode, I look at the way we talk about technology advancements with respect to disability.  We love seeing wheelchairs that walk up stairs as ways to fix ableism, but other forms of technology like sex toys treat disabled people like sad, poor people who can't ever get laid.   I wanted to change that conversation and so by looking at sex dolls, virtual reality sex consoles and teledildonics, I discuss why these options could actually be great ways to incorporate disability into the sex tech industry in a positive way.  Enjoy! 



May 30, 2018

In minisode 15, we hear from Tea, who highlights ableism around be autistic in the lgbtq+ community, and the effects that has on them.  They talk about chronic pain, kink, knife-play, CPAP machines, and I offer them some important advice.


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Episode 087 - A Juicy Interview w/ actor AJ Murray

May 25, 2018

In this episode, I talk with actor AJ Murray, about sex, race, disability, acting work, fantasies, surrogacy, relationships, ass massages, and so much more.  This interview was jam-packed, but I think it was really important and I hope you enjoy it.



May 23, 2018

In this minisode, I get e-mails from Aaron and Erin.  Aaron tells me about a time when hot disabled sex took on a whole new meaning, and I offer Erin my thoughts on how to make museum culture more accessible.  

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